BNS is an industry leading cloud-based enterprise proximity platform provider with a goal of increasing its profits for its clients through new nearby marketing and promotion technology with a SaaS platform to support self-service or managed efforts. Enabling business to create & deliver App-Less apps send highly targeted notifications and messages, content and affordable offers to consumers smartphones. Enabling organizations of all sizes to Leverage and deliver the power of member or anonymous CIAM with machine learning, social media sharing to attract and influence customers while they browse it. This enables organizations of any size to deliver an astounding range of experiences.

Our solution enables you to configure the beacon broadcast in seconds. Enables secure, contextual and location-based services business model transparency and advanced real-time and off-line analytics for companies of all sizes. It is one solution for multiple industries and use-cases. Create personalized digital customer experiences and offer customers deals, product Information, games, social media sharing opportunities and any other mobile content in their native language. Give your customers a personalized user experience with BNS. Set up your system in just a few minutes and serve your customers all around the world.

Business owners can use our beacons or others and place them where they’re fit, configure them and can immediately start sending notifications and messages. BNS multichannel platform supports all beacon types which are currently on the market. Create digital engagement solutions and real-time analytics. Engage your customers and provide them with personalized content with a huge number of possible use cases for offers and coupons, surveys, PAY for parking. Stay connected with them through emails, SMS, in-store beacons, Wi-Fi, BBB.